Exhibition/Palexpo photographer Geneva

Exhibitor/Palexpo photography services for your booth, trade shows, conventions and conferences in and around Geneva.

Highly skilled photographer Marc Bader is used to capture your booth and offers at no additional cost editing of your images.

An experienced Palexpo photographer in Geneva

Marc Bader services a diverse portfolio of clientele ranging from Fortune 500 clients to 100,000 attendee conventions and trade shows. His images appear in many local, national and international newspapers, magazines, trade journals, technical publications, websites and social media portals too numerous to list.

Marc is dedicated to working with you every step of the process, from planning and logistics to follow-up and delivery of the end product, thus ensuring your total satisfaction. In addition to the superior quality of our work, Marc prides himselves on being competitive. Even when traveling for his clients, Marc can normally match local rates by covering the cost of travel. Hourly and day rates, as well as total event packages, are offered to fit any budget. No exhibition is too big or too small for Marc to handle.

Clients include: UNO, Connecting Business initative (CBi), Mamont Foundation, The Commonwealth, Sträb GmbH, Saudi Aramco, Freeman, GES and more.

If you also need some video interviews or filming some footage, then please visit Marc’s videographer website www.grandeimage.com

What’s included?

All social events, conferences and exhibitions photos come standard with:

  • Post-production on all images
  • Download link of the images opimized for social media and in raw quality the day after the exhibition
  • Unrestricted usage rights

Get in touch

Whatever you’re planning, if you want natural, candid photos that really capture how it felt to be there, Marc loves to find out more. Just get in touch with the date and a few details and Marc will take it from there.